Infuriated by recent experience with Internet tech support

Let me preface this by saying that I'm a computer engineer that works on wifi devices for a living. I won't claim to know how to solve every problem but I think I'm qualified to make a reasonable judgement on when something is a local machine problem or not.

I called tech support because my internet connection was so slow it was unusable. Think twenty minutes to load google. Occasionally it will work for a few minutes then go back to slow. Prior to contacting support I did the following:

  1. Reset router multiple times, waiting at least thirty seconds before powering on.
  2. On wired desktop PC, I tried restarting the computer, deleting the cache and cookies, disabling and reenabling the connection, using a different browser, and resetting DNS server to the default. I also switched cables and switched ports on the router side.
  3. With my two laptops (one a brand new high end Dell from my job, and another an old Compaq) I repeated the second step with both wired and wifi.

Again, all three computers have the same exact problem.

I explained this to the American (not Indian) tech support representative and after a few minutes of futile attempts to troubleshoot, one of the wired connections briefly worked properly. The rest, still broken.

At this point he said it was a "manufacturer problem" and that I should contact my computer's manufacturer. Do you know the odds of two, let alone three, computers going bad the same way within the same day? I asked him how it's possible that this could be the case and at that point he hung up on me.


I called back and got the Indian tech support, and the man there was actually helpful.

I was never short or disrespectful to the first guy. I would expect better service towards a loyal costumer of over five years straight. Quite frankly I've never been so disrespected by tech support ever.


Worth noting that this will be the third router I've had in a week. I have serious doubts that another new router is going to fix the problem. I just hope I get the Indian support group when I inevitably call back again. As of right now my internet is still completely unusable.

Edit: I want to add that my husband and I are directors of a non-profit rescue that is seriously suffering as a result of us losing internet. I'm unable to set up fundraisers or update our website. So that's great.