Internet disconnects when phone is on

We have the fios phone/tv/internet and  we have two cordless phones.  When ever the phone downstairs with the answering machine is activated the computer loses the connection.  If the phone is still on and I try to reconnect, I cannot even find my router listed as an available wireless connection.  Also happens with any other computer.  So I do not think it is the placement of the phone.  As a laptop in another room gets booted as well.

I have tried changing channels on the phone but that does not seem to work.

Re: Internet disconnects when phone is on
You can log into the router and change the channel on the wireless connection. At the very top of this forum there is a post that shows a link to a connection wizard. If you do not know how to log into the router and setup the wireless, perhaps this wizzard can help. If you do not have an SSID and encryption enabled, then this may be a good idea to run the tool and setup encryption. I am not sure if the tool will adjust or let you change wireless channels on the router. Please post if you need more help with this.
Re: Internet disconnects when phone is on
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The connection wizard will not help with this.  User needs to log into the configuration page of the router by inputting into the address space of the browser and log into the router.  The normal default log in user name is <admin> and password enabled by verizon is usually <password1> but you can change those once you log in.   on left side of 1st page you will see "change wireless settings" go into that page and look for 'boradcast channel'  change that from 'automatic' to 11, then press apply all the way at the bottom.  then log out of the router.  Note that the router will change back to default settings if the reset button is ever pressed or if a power outage occurs.