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Latency/ping increased in the past few weeks
Hello, In the past few weeks, the ping/latency I get from my fios connection has been multiplied by 5. While gaming on my favorite servers I used to have a ping of 20ms or less, it is now painfully hanging around the 100ms mark which is extremely disappointing for a service calling itself cutting edge... It impacts the quality of my gaming. I have not changed anything on my side, it has to be coming from Verizon. It might have been due to the recent series of storms or not, no idea, but I was hoping this could be fixed in some way. any suggestion? Mr potato
Re: Latency/ping increased in the past few weeks
Master - Level 3

Just because you haven't changed anything on your end, this does not mean necessarily this is a Verizon problem. There are still all kinds of things that can be involved. Answering the following questions will help us more pinpoint where the problem is stemming from

1) Are you gaming on a computer or a console?

2) Is it connected wired or wireless?

3) Do other devices in the house have the same latency?

4) What speeds are you getting from

5) have you attempted to reboot or hard reset the router?