Loss of connection with Belkin router
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I have been using a Belkin N450DB router with my Westell modem for over 2 months. Everything was fine until 4 days ago when my router lost connection. I have tried the self heal with the router and the troubleshooting with the modem. I currently have internet with just the modem hooked up but have lost connection 3-4 times this way over the past 4 days. I have no connection with the router connected now. It says wire unplugged. I was thinking it was the router but have found out another DSL customer in my town has the exact same issue and he has a different router.  Did Verison reset some security programs that won't allow my router to connect or is Verison DSL having issues we are not aware of in Greenwood, DE?  It is just strange that two residences are experiencing the same issues in different areas.

Re: Loss of connection with Belkin router
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#1 What is the model of that Westell modem?

#2 When you said

@Rockinghorserun wrote:

It says wire unplugged.

are you saying that the router says that or are you saying your OS (and Version - for example Windows XP) is saying that?