Mac and Windows on Same System. Having glitches. Help!
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Hello, I have my laptop set up to a router with the main computer being a Mac.  It basically works fine, but I have been noticing some glitches especially in trying to play media, such as YouTube files and other streaming videos.  I can never get them to play at the right speed, even though I have it set to automatic.  Do I need to set this differently?  I also cannot print PDF files, have tried just about anything, but that may have nothing to do with FIOS. 

When we set it up, it was just configured to my system, with the network code and I downloaded the network adapters.  It looks like there is another step here -- configure Windows with either the info from a flash drive or a disc, according to the Verizon website.  But, how can I configue Windows if the main system is a Mac.  Confused.  Thanks for any info.

Re: Mac and Windows on Same System. Having glitches. Help!
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You don't need any software installed on the windows PC. Just plug it into the Ethernet port on the router to the Ethernet port on the NIC card. If you want the Fios software installed go to and click configure another computer and enter your fios user name and password. If you are having connection problems go to and install that software.