Moving Help!

I am moving out of state but I do not have my new address yet.  I will be staying with my in-laws for a few weeks until I find a new apartment.  What steps do I need to take?  I want to keep my FIOS service but I assume they don't want me to take all the equipment out of state with me.

Re: Moving Help!
Master - Level 3

Good evening. I am sorry to hear about the uncertainty of your final destination. You can not put in a move order until you have an address you are moving to. There are 2 options you have regarding your FIOS service

1) Keep service turned on at your old address: You will keep it active at your current address and bring your equipment with you. When you finally determine your new address, you can call the sales/billing office to have the move order put into the system

2) Turn off service at your old address: You then have 30 days to return your equipment to Verizon. When you signup for service at your new address, then you will get all new equipment.