My Verizon Email Address Has Been Identified as Spam

Ever since I got my new Verizon email address (and sent out the mass notification of my email address change through Verizon's TrueSwitch) my email has been flagged as spam by several providers.  When I send to them, notably, the recipient does not recieve it, and I don't get any notification that it didn't go through!  I called Verizon and they referred me to, but that is for Incoming mail that I'm not receiving, not outgoing mail that isn't getting to its destination. said I had to fix this through Verizon - anybody have any idea HOW?  Thank you!

Re: My Verizon Email Address Has Been Identified as Spam
Community Leader
Community Leader

Turn off your router for a few minutes and then turn it back on.

Ensure you get a new ip address by noting the address before you turned it off and checking it after you turn it back on.

The address you have at the moment has been blacklisted.  You could fight the fight with whoever has blacklisted it but it is easier to just get another one.