I am located here at Vandenberg AFB in California and I’ve been told by numerous people that I cannot get internet service on base (93437) because the internet ports are full. Being a military installation, members are continuously moving in and out of housing. We were told by one Verizon rep, that new towers were being built to accommodate, but another rep told us that there was no such thing happening. Actually, we were told that as of 2016 the towers would no long belong to Verizon.

I know of numerous military members that have moved into base housing as far back as late 2013, and have been told that they were on a waiting list. Of course, later we were told that no such waiting list exists. We have been getting the run around by the customer service reps that obviously don’t know what is going on.

I lived on Vandenberg AFB from July 2012 to Aug 2013 and I was able to get internet with no problem. Now that I’m moving back on base here in a few weeks, new service is no longer available because ports are full?? I don’t get it!! Something is not adding up!!

This situation NEEDS to be elevated past the customer service reps and to someone that has answer and solution to the problem!!

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FYI, you're talking primarily to other customers here.  If you want to get a response from Verizon you need to call or chat with them.

Verizon has announced that they are selling of their wireline business in California to Frontier communications.  Wireline businesses is the fixed location traditional phone, DSL and FiOS services.  If that's what you're asking about, then yes, everyone in CA will be dealing with Frontier in the near future.

You mentioned "Towers," which implies cellular.  Towers are not used for wireline service.  Verizon is not selling of it's wireless services.  In fact, they have shown they are more interested in wireless than wireline, which is why they are selling it off.  That said, they are selling some of their wireless towers to American Tower Corp.  I'm assuming they will then lease them back.  This sounds like a typical corporate move to convert big, depreciating assets to operating expenses.

I'm taking an educated guess you're asking about DSL, as that service best fits your problem description.  It is limited by the number of ports available in a central office.  If turnover is high like you suspect, it may be as simple as calling every few weeks to see if a port is available for  you.  I wouldn't expect Verizon to expand DSL service as they haven't been investing it in for years in any location.  Maybe Frontier will expand it; but I wouldn't count on it.

Good Luck.