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Are there plans by FiOS to get the Netflix Open Connect ? it is provided for free to ISP's by Netflix. I hope Verizon would adopt an open competition scheme since their Redbox-Verizon Instant steaming is getting close to launch. Google fiber, clearwire, etc. have already adopted Netflix's Open Connect.

I guess it shouldn't be very hard for verizon's network engineers to incorporate Netflix's CDN into their network. Details can be found on following link:

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I believe Netflix mentioned in a press release that in the coming month or two many ISPs will be coming online with Open Connect. I am wondering why they are opting for this model though, rather than a simple "Open the pipe and see what happenes" since they already pay Level3 for the bandwidth they use.

Either way, a definite for Verizon to consider.

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Yes, please do it ASAP Netflix!