Netflix - Vs - FIOS: Another guy's story...
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Re: Netflix - Vs - FIOS: Another guy's story...
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I have FIOS 75/35 service in Tampa and over the past year I haven't had Netflix buffer more than once or twice.

I also have a VPN service which I can use if I so choose and I don't need to use it for Netflix.

What you need to understand is that when you use a VPN you are effectively changing your ISP.   When I am connected using a VPN this afternoon my ISP shows up United Colocation Group instead of FIOS.

If United Colocation Group's peering point with the CDN handling Netflix isn't jammed up my Netflix will download faster.

The issue isn't throttling but whose responsibility it is to pay for the bandwidth to interconnect Netflix to Verizon, AT&T, Comcast.    In the old telecommunications world when PacBell connected to Ameritech it was assumed that the traffic going both ways would balance out.  In the new world with Netflix's huge down stream flow the traffice doesn't balance out.

The aurguments will continue on who is doing what to whom and who should pay for what and thats what should be talked about not Verizon specifically throttling Netflix.   Netflix customers do get hurt but that is because Netflix's success is destroying the old telecommunications model.