Re: New FiOS GigE Wireless 'N' Router has slowed our wireless speed to a crawl...need help!
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The new verizon router by default is set to transmit on b/g/n, however, in mixed mode the max speed seems to stick at around 54mbps instead of connecting to N devices at a higher rate. There are also mutliple channels and the router will automatically pick one that has the least amount of interference. There are several smart  phone apps that will measure wireless signal interference on specific channels. When I got mine, I used one of those apps and went to the places in the house where wireless devices will be used the most. Based on the results I then logged into the router and set the channel manually and found better overall performance. If I were to guess, I would say the channel that the new router is using is different than the old channel. From reading over other forums I also found that turning off Mixed mode and going to wireless N only is supposed to increase transmit speed.