New router range
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We've just had installed a new 75 Mbs router.  However, it doesn't seem to have the range of our old Verizon router.  The new router is set up in the same place as the old one yet my wife's iPhone 6 Plus struggles to hold the wi-fi connection.  Several times a day it says to select a wi-fi network. This never happened before.  Does it need a range extender?

Re: New router range

Let me guess. The new router is a Quantum Gateway Router ?

it has the worst WiFi in the whole world. In my opinion it is junk. Now going on I would say you could get a WiFi extender. Verizon store sells them for $100 but you can buy any extender by Netgear etc. and it costs less. However the Verizon one is plug and play and supposed to be easy set up with their router.

so a little more setup work with Netgear or other private brand, but more than likely works much better.