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New router, same speed
Enthusiast - Level 2

So my new router from Verizon arrived. Voila! Dowload speed exactly what it was with old router. We'll keep check for a few days to see if the radical swings from a high of 2.89 to a low of 0.11 continue to happen. I hope not!

Re: New router, same speed
Specialist - Level 2

I would be surprised if the modem/router made much difference. The modem/router is generally a go/no go device. It either works properly or it doesn't. I'd suggest a different approach to tracking down the speed issues.

When it is running fast, look at the transceiver statistics, and when it is running slow look at the transceiver statistics.

The transceiver statistics will give you a measurement of noise on the line (interference), line losses, and most importantly the underlying speed of the link between your modem/router and the Central Office.

If there is little to no difference in the transceiver statistics, then the problem is upstream of your link to Central Office, do to either an equipment problem in the Central Office, or a traffic problem in the Central Office or upstream from the Central Office. In other words nothing you can do on your end is going to make a difference.

It there is a large difference in the transceiver statistics, there is a problem with the copper pair between you and the central office, which you may or may not be able to get Verizon to do something about. Verizon just isn't very interested in spending money on copper if they don't have to. If the line quality impacts the voice service, then Verizon does have to deal with it, if it only impacts DSL, that isn't a tariffed service, so there are no legally enforceable service standards.