No fios available in my area
I live in the glendale/Ridgewood area and there is no fios available on my block, when is it going to be available?, when will verizon come into the area to install service?. I hate having a separate tv and Internet service.. what's more upsetting the people who live across from and behind me both have FIOS!!!!
Re: No fios available in my area
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Community Leader

Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.  If you want answers from Verizon you need to call or chat with them.

Verizon has stated on numerous occasions over the past few years that they are done with FiOS expansion.  They still are installing it in areas that were previously committed.  Google will give you details, if you want.

If you live in an area that is still being built out, you should be getting FiOS at some point.  You'll need to ask Verizon when.

If your area was not part of a build out, you won't be getting FiOS.

It looks like you might be in New Jersey.   If so, you'll find this article interesting.

Good Luck.