Not getting the speed I pay for

I use wireless, but 2 of my machines are in the same room as the router.

Almost daily my wireless and wired speeds drop to about 12k down while the upload stays around 4400.

If I push in the reset in the back of the router, my speeds instantly return to about 20k down and maybe 4600 up.

I have complained about this for months, and Verizon has even changed my router to no avail.

It seems if I don't check my speeds (using as Verizon recommends) and perform daily reset, I am not getting what I pay for.

Any body noticing similar?

Re: Not getting the speed I pay for

Its definetly the router causing the problem. I wont get into my opinion of the actiontec, but I will tell you I dont use mine anymore. I changed to a linux router.

Have you tried changing channels for your wireless? 

If the machines are in the same room, I`d run a wired connection for sure. Then if you need to move out of the room, you have wireless available. Wired is so much more reliable, and secure. 

If you're having the issue with bittorrent, then its definetly the router choking on too many packets. Only way around that is to upgrade. 

I have never had a speed issue. I always get my 10/2, though I try to reset my ONT once a month. I never reset my linux router, its been up for over 6mo now..

good luck


Re: Not getting the speed I pay for
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wireless g is only capable of 54Mbs, so its speeds would not be expected to be dependably as fast as a wired connection, even if you had one of those set-ups that boast 108Mbs;  those are only two simultaneous 54Mbs links that your computer would require special equipment to be able to utilize AND it would still only be two links at 54Mbs.  PLUS, the thing about wireless connections is that they are all susceptable to interference from almost anything electronic, including refridgerators, TV's, alarm clocks, electric pencil sharpeners, stereos, dvd players, personal music players, cell phones, cordless phones, air pumps for aquariums, etc., etc..ALL of which degrade your wireless connection.  That's not to say that you could not have a faulty router, but I would try installing the Verizon connection wizard AND also one or more of the several good TCP Optimizers out there.  Also you might check the settings on your network interface card; half\full duplex, 100 or 1000, power controls, etc.  No matter what router you are using, those issues would affect them all.