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ONT not functioning at all after battery change

 A couple of nights ago I noticed that my phones were still using 4G instead of switching over to Wi-Fi in the house so I took a look and determined that I probably needed to reboot the router. I did that and a red light came on. Then my TV picture froze, and no channels were functioning. I tried rebooting the router again, but still no success. I did go out to the ONT in the garage. The power supply had a green light on it and on the BBU, the System Status light was green. Using my cell phone (since nothing else was functional) I contacted Verizon Support via their chat. The rep had me go out to the garage, unplug the ONT, disconnect the battery, and then reconnect the battery and plug back in the ONT. I did all that, but still the router would not reboot. At this point it was very very late and I was going to be leaving for the airport in a couple hours, so I had to end the chat. The rep indicated that the ONT probably needed to be replaced. However, it is very difficult for me to make the time to just be home waiting for them to show up, so I was trying to come up with another solution. Strangely, after I had given up with the Verizon Support rep in the phone chat and was going to sleep, the lights suddenly turned green on the router and the television started functioning! It was still working when I left my house a few hours later. However, by the time my husband woke up an hour or so after that, the router again was displaying a red light and the television service was not functioning. I have absolutely no idea what caused it to seven only function, nor do I have any idea why it then went out again. There were no weather events or anything like that to affect that. The next night, I purchased a new battery for the BBU. I took out the old battery; I installed the new battery.  When I was connecting the battery connector to the unit, it briefly gave out a beep and the bottom lights flashed green and then they went out. Nothing else. The little light on the power supply never came on after I plugged it in. I checked the electrical outlet, and it definitely is working -- I plugged in another electrical device and it definitely worked at that outlet.  So now I have a new battery and yet nothing is working. I am extremely frustrated and want to know if there's anything else I can do before relenting and having to make an appointment for somebody to show up at my house. Please help me. I cannot stand not having Internet. I can function without television, but I cannot function without Internet. Please help

Re: ONT not functioning at all after battery change
Super User
Super User

What status lights do you have on ont?

I had a power outage at my house. When power returned, no service.

Turned out that killed my ont.

So either ont or bbu has failed.