Online Backup and Sharing issue

I am having trouble with the restore part of my Online Backup and Sharing.  Whether I select specific files or a folder, the history shows that the backup was successful, but when I try to find it in the list of files that can be restored, the files that I want are not there.

I can see the structure of folders and sub-folders, but the specific files are not anywhere in my restore list.  

Also, there seems to be two different structures with some of my folders in one and some in another with some redundancy.  Neither is complete.

Is there a way that I can wipe what is in my online storage completely clean and start over?

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Re: Online Backup and Sharing issue
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There is a specialized team who troubleshoots issues with the backup and sharing program.

  • A dedicated internal phone number (866-770-6800) has been provided for hand-offs to the VOL Backup & Sharing Technician.

    • Hours of Operation are Mon - Sat 7am - 11pm EST.
    • After hours the customer will be asked to leave a message and someone from VOBS support will return their call during business hours.