Outlook and Email
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On one of my notebooks I have Office XP (2002) installed.  I wish to use Outlook to receive and send my Verizon email.  I set it up and receiving mail is no problem.  However it will not send.  All of the setting are the same as my other computers (running Office 2007) except in the XP version, there is not a check box for unchecking "Server requires an encrypted connection".  Therefore I guess encryption is on and that is the problem. 

Solution please??

Re: Outlook and Email
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Here is a link for configuring third party email clients such as outlook for verizon email http://www22.verizon.com/ResidentialHelp/FiOSInternet/Email/Setup+And+Use/QuestionsOne/124337.htm

If the correct settings do not work, but when other PC's with the correct settings DO work... than the issue is obviously local to the one PC/copy of outlook....

remove any and all email from the outbox, close outlook, reboot the PC, and try again,....

If the issue persists, perhaps including the verbatim error message, could prove helpful in providing any further suggestions.

Re: Outlook and Email
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there is a check box in outlook in the server settings screen that says "my outgoing server requires authentication" make sure that it is checked. then make sure that your outgoing server is   outgoing.verizon.net  (or outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net if you use the yahoo partner). With those your email should work

Re: Outlook and Email
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You do want my server requires authorization checked.  Is there a portal partner involved? Yahoo? Did you try to delete the account and recreate it? you will not lose your emails.  Let me know if you still experience this problem and need further assistance. If you use Yahoo as a portal partner then please go into outlook settings and add @verizon.net to your username field. Please let us know if your issue is resolved.