Outstanding DSL Technical Support
Enthusiast - Level 1

Thanks to {Edited for privacy} Krishna (India) for patient and thorough telephone technical support from Verizon.  I had lost my wireless network, and could not use my laptop to back up my PC for months.  I tried the installation disc and online support options repeatedly; and even called Verizon five or six times for support, yet obtained no relief.  Finally, I was told I could update my system by using a single tool (a wireless modem) to replace the old Netgear router and modem combination.  Over the course of four days Mr. Krishna continued to contact me to complete installation of the new Verizon wireless modem.  A new secure network was created, and we were able to identify more than 3,000 hidden files on the laptop that must be deleted.  As a Verizon customer for more than two decades, I commend Mr. Krishna as having been the best Verizon agent I have ever dealt with; and that includes those in billing and customer support.