Own Router + Keep TV Services
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Hello, I just wanted to make another post about this topic that seems pretty common. 

The proper way to do this, and not use ANY verizon equipment is as follows. Note, I prefer ubiquiti equipment however these instructions are not vendor specific. I made a diagram to help 

Your ONT has the ability to keep both ports active, Ethernet and MOCA (coax) You will generally need to request for ethernet to be enabled, this does NOT disable MoCA. 

The following written instructions match the diagram, Any questions, let me know. 

1. ONT > WAN on Router (Ethernet) 

2. Router > Switch (Ethernet) **If running seperate switch** 

3. Switch > Access Point (Ethernet) **If running seperate AP** 

4. ONT > ECB6200 Coax IN Port (Coax)

5. ECB6200 Coax OUT > Splitter which feeds the VMS / Set Top Boxes. This will provide all the set top boxes an IP over MoCA* 

6. ECB6200 Ethernet Out > Available Port on Switch (Ethernet) 

When you hook up your own router, You will need to ask fios support break the lease, so your router can get an IP from the ONT via Ethernet. The ECB6200 will give an IP to multiple set top boxes, and the dhcp will handled by the router like any other network device. 

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach out direct or here. 


imageFios ONT Diagram

Re: Own Router + Keep TV Services
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You should show that you still need coax connection from ONT that MOCA bridge needs to connect to as well to provide TV signal.

And router configs can be a bit complicated to take full advantage of all of the VMS features.

Not something to be undertaken by the faint of heart.

Re: Own Router + Keep TV Services

Can you use a EcB2500 to do this instead of the ecb6200? i cannot find a ecb6200 anywhere.