PPP Down? No internet going past 4 days need help
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4 days ago my internet stopped working. The modem is a Ationtec GT704-WGB for dsl. All lights are normal except for the internet light does not come on anymore it is just blank or it turns red and then goes blank again. After numerous calls and hours arguing on the phone verizons tech support had me buy 2 brand new modems and still say that my luck is so bad I got 3 defective modems now. Yeah okay. The new modem is the same as the model said above. I can take this modem to my dads house and it works fine, he has verizon dsl also. I tried resetting and all that no luck. It says PPP Down next to internet status. Verizon says my line is fine. And they claim I bought another defective modem but yet it works at my dads house! I even reformatted and installed windows 7 back on my pc no luck. It worked fine for a year then it just did this. If anyone can help it would be awesome. I'm just about ready to cancel this nuts they want me to buy a 3rd new modem and then they gonna say I got another bad one.
Re: PPP Down? No internet going past 4 days need help
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PPP issues are generally never problems with the modems unless the modem has really, really buggy firmware or is struggling to maintain sync. To know what the problem is for sure requires reading the modem log and understanding what it is saying. If you can post it up for us to see, we can see what's going on. Considering it's worked in the past, suggests there is a problem on Verizon's ends of things, not your end of things.