Promise Broken

Hi, I was wondering if there is anyone else around who has been fooled by verizon's offers that seem too good to be true then they are just that too good to be true.

I would guess that it has been five or six years ago when I became a Verizon customer at this location. I purchased a location that has neither cable or fios. I had them connect me to dsl service. All was good and I was a satisfied customer because at first my billing was as promised 18.95 plus what ever the taxes made it increase to. 

Let me clarify the billing issue here. Upon calling the business office and obtaining the new service I was asked if I would be interested in the lifetime dsl plan for a never to be increased price of 18.95. Naturally I said yes to that offer.

Well , as you certainly expect  their promise of a lifetime of 18.95 monthly bills didn't last a lifetime. Slowly my service has risen to the last bill I paid for one month's service was 58.00+ . 

I m sure they have a good excuse for the greed but I have complained and still continue to get reamed by them. I did talk to one customer service rep and she promised me that if Verizon made the offer I would be getting my plan reviewed and my original plan would be restored. Bull#***. 

Where is the honesty in this . The service isn't worth any more than 18.95 but they continue to increase the bill. I am so fed up with this I wish I could do without their service. Like I said Reamed! What the hell is this about Verizon????

Disgusted and screwed over and over again, {edited for privacy}

Re: Promise Broken

same here!  not exactly the same but 29.99, promised that i wouldnt increase for 24 months, that they would waive fees for rental of router indefinatly with one time charge of whatever the cost of the router combo box thing costed.  after taxes and stuff it come out to 34 something, which i was semi ok with at the time.  then all the sudden they started charging me for router, the phone line, some kind of fees for activity on the phone line and other **bleep**. $56-58 regularly. . i contacted them they happily waive and return fees but within next month or month after its back to $56-58. no special features either.  just basics of basics to get online at 3.1mb/sec rating.. i contacted comcast to see if they have better offers, seems like same price but alot more speed, seriously considering it if fios doesnt come here by early fall/late summer.  i had to battle this out since i gotten dsl service

Re: Promise Broken
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I had billing issues last year very similar to yours.  I was able to talk to a customer service rep who found me some discounts for the DSL speeds I needed for work.  You could try that, or you could do what I'm doing now and canceling my Verizon services because of new issues (see my post in the forum).  They don't seem to care about me as a customer so I don't care about them as a provider.  I'm switching to Comcast if I don't hear back from Verizon today about my issue.