Real funny Verizion, turn down my speed 5 mins ago lol

  I find this to be really funny because i plan to leave verizion for another company tomorrow and you guys turn down my internet speed lol. all day today , well for the past 3 weeks after verizion finally stopped lying and increase our speed from 2.84 to 5.31mpbs, even though we can also get 7mpbs or even 15mpbs, but verizion for some odd reason doesn't want to give it to us, after lying over 17 times.

so anyways, past 3 weeks, it was 5.34mpbs, 656kb (6.9mpbs-0.9 upload) , as you can see we still never got up to 6mpbs lol


So about 5 mins ago, i notice my speed was slowing down and now it shows this: 3.1mpbs, 0.4 upload speed.


ROFL, not even going to bother caling. I'm done with verizion tomorrow morning, glad to be moving to cable speed with another company. shameful from all the problems with verizion though, DSL users are screwed.