Regarding High Ping on 2nd Hop

Was just wondering why I would be getting 40ms on my 2nd hop in my tracert. It's quite annoying considering I play online games and I get 50 ping to servers located less than an hour driving distance to me.

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 40 ms 40 ms 39 ms
3 41 ms 40 ms 40 ms [130.8
4 46 ms 46 ms 46 ms [130.81.21
5 41 ms 41 ms 41 ms [130.8
6 45 ms 45 ms 46 ms [130.8
7 47 ms 47 ms 46 ms []
8 47 ms 111 ms 46 ms []
9 46 ms 48 ms 46 ms
10 47 ms 47 ms 47 ms []
11 48 ms 47 ms 47 ms []
12 53 ms 54 ms 53 ms []

13 55 ms 67 ms 54 ms [
14 55 ms 55 ms 54 ms [
15 54 ms 54 ms 55 ms [4.79.23
16 58 ms 56 ms 56 ms
17 173 ms 68 ms 68 ms
18 70 ms 68 ms 69 ms
19 73 ms 72 ms 69 ms
20 * 68 ms 70 ms []

Trace complete.

The problem is the second hop, which should not be at 40ms. There must be something wrong,  because it's exactly at 40ms every time I do a trace route.I'm using a Westell A90-750015-07 router/modem, and I'm using a wired connection.

Re: Regarding High Ping on 2nd Hop

Depends on the game.

Re: Regarding High Ping on 2nd Hop
I know what you mean it depends on the game, I'm playing Counter-Strike 1.6 and ping is very very important. And having to start out with a 40 ping to any server is ridiculous, it means I will ping 40+ no matter where the server is even if it's in the same town. Unless you played CS 1.6 you would probably say, "Well 50 or 70 ping is fine" well it's not, when everyone else is running around with 10-20 ping and you're stuck with 70 ping, it's a huge advantage for them seeing as my recoil is all messed up and the fact they see me 50ms sooner.
Re: Regarding High Ping on 2nd Hop

I know exactly what your talking about, 8 years of cs1.3-source.

Reasons for bad latency in counterstrike 1.6:

-Steam Client automatically updates its client every so often *background downloader.

-When VAC triggers its background scanning, it uses network resources due to its over on their side.

-When you first launch cs1.6 it naturally lags in the start of the game, waiting for a while should regulate normal ping rate.

-Third party applications would cause latency too and or framework type applications, java applications, visual basic applications.

If none of these are helpful run a scan on your computer for any bugs. I had a trojan that was sapping my network resources a while back. Good luck

Re: Regarding High Ping on 2nd Hop

My ping isn't that bad ingame, I get 50 ping to NYC servers which is reasonable considering my 2nd hop is ALWAYS at 40ms. That's what I'm trying to figure out here, it has to be the router they gave me or something on their end.

The thing I find odd is that it's exactly 40ms all the time, every time I traceroute, tried it on 3 different computers and the same thing as well. I believe this shouldn't be happening at all, it would be reasonable to have a 10-20ms 2nd hop but anything over that then I believe something is wrong. 

The mere fact that it's always at 40ms seems to be it might have to do with some sort of router setting delaying the connection to the gateway X ms for some unknown reason.