SLOW upload speeds for the past few days.
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I've had Verizon Fios for quite some time now, and have been very pleased with the service! I pay for 100/100mbps and until recently would get that speed! I reached out to Verizon customer support last night and was told that everything is fine on their end. So I'm at a loss at the moment....

I actually got 100mbps roughly upload last night, but then it slowly degraded back down to 1.0mbps within a 20 minute period!
I cannot stream content from my house to any other network now. Cannot upload to youtube anymore. My Upload is just terrible...
I spoke with Verizon support again this morning and no luck again...

Current speed is this... » ··· 93681731
Keep in mind, I've used speedtest, verizon speedtest, speakeasy by megapath.
Some speedtests show Perfect Upload. Other speedtests do not. Or they change overtime. Perhaps a routing issue?


FIOS Contract: 100/100

ONT Model: i-211m-l
Firmware Version: 40.21.18
Model Name: MI424WR-GEN3I
Hardware Version: I

Steps done:
Reset Router
Disconnected Router and ONT overnight
Restart Router
Ran Verizons Optimizer
Tried different Ethernet cables
Tried different computers both Ethernet and WiFi

I want this FIXED, what can i do?

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Re: SLOW upload speeds for the past few days.
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Verizon will only acknowledge results from
That tests your connection to their network.

I know yuo said you tried it, but what results does it give you?

If that is at contract speed, then it becomes a network issue.
Which may or may not be within Verizon control.