Service to my address?
I am living in an area that doesn't have the availability to get any service for Internet besides dial up and dsl. All the neighbors around me have dsl and I keep getting the run around from sales and when I try to get an answer about why I can't get service I get the run around or transferred to hughesnet sales which I can't get service at my address with.

I called the first time the rep started to process my order and than she said that she needed to transfer me to a manager and the call disconnected. I gave up.

I called again and was told that there was no availability in the area due to capacity and I would have to wait for room on the equipment. My area alot of people move frequently being that we have quite a few military facilities around the area.

I called again and was told that dsl service just was not being offered in my area, which I don't believe because fios is not really available anywhere close.

I called again to see if I could get an answer on if there was any room yet or if the service was truly discontinued in my area, and all the rep keep referring me to do was to purchase phone service and get dial up service....

Does anyone know if there is a better contact for me to reach out to? Besides dial up dsl is my best option all I would like to do is get some steady Internet service...