Should I or Can I get another IP address?

I have an apple mac and I believe someone has been able to get into my IP address and computer.  When I sign on things seem to be good for about 10 minutes and then it looks like someone has entered and I lose control of my mouse and cannot seem to move very well.    I have seen my itunes open up and songs being downloaded, my files open up, etc.  some really strange things.   If I would get a new IP address would this help?   This is getting so frustrating. 

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Re: Should I or Can I get another IP address?
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It is unlikely that getting a new IP address would be helpful. You probably have a Virus, or other Malware on your computer, and no doubt it broadcasts its locations to whoever is controlling it. You need to invest in a good anti-virus/anti-malware package, and use it to clean house.

If you really want a new IP address, the easiest way to do so is to simply turn off the DSL Modem/Router (unplug it from the wall) for 24 hours. Normally when the IP address on the Modem/Router renews, you get the same IP address back. If you don't renew it, the IP address goes back into the pool, and someone else is likely to get it.. When you power your MOdem/router backup, it will obtain a new IP address from the available pool, and tha tis likely to different.