Signing in to my Residential Home Phone, TV, & Internet account

This is partially a rant against Verizon's mutliple broken websites, and partially a question. If you would just like to help me answer my question, skip down to the end.

I currently live in an apartment and use Verizon DSL to access the internet. I have never had home phone or TV service while living there for the past three years; just DSL. I recently bought a home and plan to move in about a week. I would like to move my DSL account with me.

So I search the Online Support site and easily find the Verizon Online Moving page. So far, so good. Then everything goes downhill.

The Moving page requires me to sign in. "Great," I say, since I sign in so rarely I almost invariably forget my password. I try some of my usual suspects to no avail. Defeated, I click on the "Forgot password". This takes me to a page that asks me for my "Verizon Billing Telephone Number". I try to enter my cell phone number, which is the only number I could have given them (remember, no home phone service). This takes me to a weird page that claims I haven't entered a user ID, and when I try to enter it again, it claims that "the user ID provided does not exist".

I back out to the step where I enter a user ID and telephone number. I click the link that says "I don't have a Verizon Telephone Number". This allows me to select that my service type is "High Speed Internet" (Verizon's euphemism for DSL), and... it asks me for another telephone number! My "High Speed Internet Number", to be exact. As mentioned, I've never had home phone service at the apartment, so I don't have a clue what the phone number to the place would be.

It occurs to me to check my bill. All my bills are online, but at this point I have a sneaking suspicion that something weird is going on. I go to my bookmark where I check my bill. It's a different portal ( instead of, and I'm able to sign in with my user ID and usual password. Maybe I can go to the Moving page now!, but no, it still requires me to sign in. Sigh. I go back to look at one of my bills for a High Speed Internet Number. I look that thing over up and down over and over, but the only numbers on it that make sense to me are an account number, an invoice number, and a help number. No number that looks like a phone number for my service. It's also not anywhere obvious on my Verizon Central account page.

Maybe I don't have a user id for that other portal, I now think. I go back to the beginning to jump through the registration hoops. It first asks for my Verizon Home Telephone Number, but I've learned my lesson and click through "I don't have a Verizon Home Phone Number". It asks for my account number (happily displayed prominently on my bill). I enter it, click "Continue", and... on the next page it asks for my account number again, plus my ZIP code! Oh well, I diligently enter those in. I'm greeted with a webpage that asks if I want to use my existing Verizon Online user ID or create a new one. Well I clicked "Register" so obviously I want a new one, dummies. I select "Create a new...", enter in my user ID of choice, and...

"We're sorry, [_________] is not available"


This is starting to get really frustrating.

Okay, I'll select "Use my existing...", since, apparently, it exists, but... THE FIELDS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME as if I had selected "Create a new...". Even if I go through the motions of entering my supposedly-existing user ID, it tells me that it's not available and won't let me continue. I'm at a dead end.

I could just register a new user ID (I think), but my preferred method to continue would be to retrieve my password for my supposedly-existing user ID. To do so, I need to know my High Speed Internet Number.

How do I find my High Speed Internet Number?

 I can't find it on my bill nor in my Verizon Central account pages. I've never had home phone service in the apartment, so I have no way of knowing what the phone number ot the place is. Please help!