Sloppy install...
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I recently moved into this house and we have Verizon fios which was installed prior to me being here, I work in IT and have noticed random lag spikes on the connection that are quite severe...a few months ago we had our router replaced as that's what Verizon tech support suggested. This didn't resolve the issue, so running basic troubleshooting steps led me to the ONT where I saw this.. When the install was done, the technician who installed it left our original RG59 coax and old splitters instead of running RG6 to the existing wall plate on the other side of this wall, not only that-he did a very messy job as you can see. Now Verizon wants me to pay them by the hour to come fix a job that they did incorrectly that was originally paid to be done the RIGHT way, according to the representative I talked to on the phone, which I don't feel I should have to pay for.