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Slow DSL Speeds
Enthusiast - Level 2

My plan with Verizon DSL as of now is 1.5 - 3.0 mbps

About 2 weeks ago the speed was at .010 mpbs after a storm rolled through.

2 days afterwards my speed has jumped to .70 mbps

I just checked my speed as of now and my downspeed is .79 mbps and has been for the past week

I would like to continue to get the service I was getting and promised I would get when I upgraded to the service.  It's a little rediculous I don't receive the service I pay for.

I have power cycled everything, cleared my dns cache, and cleared all cookies and all the obvious remedies to no avail.

Re: Slow DSL Speeds
Super User
Super User

Could you provide your modem Transceiver statistics? If you don't know how to obtain them, tell us which modem you are using.

Re: Slow DSL Speeds
Enthusiast - Level 2

I just checked my down speed it's coming in at .295 mbps off verizon website.

Off my down speed is coming in at .33 mbps

My ping on is still quite good though at 39 ms

My modem is a westell model 6100 and I've had it for the entire service length (4 years plus?)

Super old modem but I've gotten the service of 2.0 mbps + with it before, just about a week ago it's slowed down.

Just called tech support, they said the storm that kicked it down to .10mbps about 2 weeks ago, could stil have an affect on the line, he said he also put in "the notes" that the modem is super old and is sending the request over to the central office.

I will continue to post the continuing events.

Re: Slow DSL Speeds
Enthusiast - Level 2

Just checked the speeds, coming in at 2.442 mbps

It seems after calling Verizon and having the line test fail; they sent the issue over to "headquarters" and without calling me fixed the problem...

Re: Slow DSL Speeds
Enthusiast - Level 3

Good for you!

My battle with them took a year for them to find out they had a piece of equipment at the central office that was intermittent.

I have the same plan as you and I'm thrilled to be finally at 2.80 Mbps down and 0.50Mbps up.

Pretty good distance from CO here.