Slow DSL--any advice
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So after over 2 hours on the phone to Verizon, I couldn't reach anybody who understood that the provisioned rate was different from the delivered rate (their customer support people now have a "line test" that shows them the provisioned rate, and they all (including the supervisors) seem to believe that's a measured rate). Any ideas on what I can do (short of visiting the Verizon office with a megaphone)? I am about 6000 feet from the CO, I am provisioned for 7616/864. Up until mid-June I had been getting 3.5Mbps or so. Ever since then I am getting about 500Kbps down, 750Kbps up (that's right, my upload is half again as fast as my download). This reading is consistent from every computer behind my DSL. My transceiver numbers look ok to me: Transceiver Revision A2pB020b3.d20h Vendor ID Code 4D54 Line Mode ADSL_G.dmt Data Path INTERLEAVED Transceiver Information Down Stream Path Up Stream Path DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 7616 864 Margin (dB) 7.6 10.0 Line Attenuation (dB) 31.0 17.0 Transmit Power (dBm) 19.8 11.9 Any ideas? Spending more time on the phone with Verizon is a really depressing thought.
Re: Slow DSL--any advice
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Your actual speed is the lower of either the provisioned speed, or the highest speed your DSL modem can negotiate with the  Central Office Equipment.  From your transceiver stats your DSL link isn't the problem, it is

7616/864 kbps. However all that DSL link is an on/off ramp for the internet.

That means the problem must be either upstream or downstream from the DSL link.  That could be a firewall or software problem in the PC, or a Verizon problem unpsteam from your line.

I would suggest running the speed test, and pay particular attention to the statistics and other more details tabs  that are available. The information in those areas can be quite enlightening.