Slow DSL since Fios comes to town

I've seen lots of complaints about slow DSL.

My DSL was always fine.  No problems.

Then FIOS came to town.  Suddenly, DSL is a drag.  Lot's of internet lag.  Esspecially in the evening hours.

Again, this was never a problem until FIOS

I smell corporate greed and it stinks.  I would never buy FIOS just because of this LAME Verizon business practice!!

Re: Slow DSL since Fios comes to town
Community Leader
Community Leader

Please perform trace route, as many times as you need to, and post them.

For example if on Windows XP..

a) Go to Start -> Run.

b) Type in cmd and press enter.

c) Type in tracert and then the IP Address or domain name that you want to trace route to, and press enter. for example of a domain name.