Slow Wired Upload Speeds After ONT Upgrade

Hi there,

Due to increasingly poor picture quality, my ONT was upgraded from BPON to GPON a few weeks ago. Since that time, my wired upload speed rates have been all over the map.

I'm on the 75/75 plan. Before the upgrade my wired download and upload speeds were very consistent. My connection speeds matched or exceeding those rates in both directions. No issues for years.

However, after the GPON upgrade my upload speeds have been extremely inconsistent. Download speeds have been very good -- always meeting or exceeding 75Mbps. But the upload speeds are another story. I'm getting speeds in the low single-digits on a regular basis. Sometimes the rates are in the low-90Mbps range, soemtimes that are in the mid-20s. Like I said, all over the place.

I have been using to perform the tests. But other speed test sites show similar behavior. And I've tried multiple computers and devices (cell phones, tables, etc.) at various time of the day. All with similar results (inconsistent upload speeds). Ping times have been fine (< 15 ms).

I performed the tests when essentially no network activity was occurring in my house. I don't do any torrenting or run any software or services that would severely impact upload rates.

At this point I am fairly confident that the issue is outside of my house. Based on my research, I am thinking it may be a bad PON card. Does anybody have suggestions on how to get this investigated and resolved?



Re: Slow Wired Upload Speeds After ONT Upgrade
Community Leader
Community Leader

You have to contact support.

I assume you have done that previously when they upgraded your ont.

Let them know you speedtest results and how you ran it.