Slow fios wireless

I have fios through a Actiontec M1424-WR router in my home. I use a Sony DVD player to access movies from the wireless connection. The signal is weak and the transfer rates are slow, repeatedly stopping the movies to let the download catch up. I do not want to run wires through the house. Will a Amped Wireless High Power 1000mW Wi-Fi Signal Booster (SB1000) or other device boost both the signal and the data transfer rate or is something else restricting the data transfer rate?

Re: Slow fios wireless

Wireless is Wireless and even with a signal booster it may still not be all that great.

When I bought a signal booster, it was an improvement, but not a perfect solution. 

Instead of buying that, you can go to ebay and buy a second actiontec (you or a friend might even have a second one lying around) and you could hook it up to the bluray player to get a hard wired connection.