Slow internet at Night
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Its been going on for weeks now.  As an online gamer slow internet is not welcome. 

Lag kills.

I'm becoming very irritated by this.  What are we paying for?  If you're going to give me slow internet at night why not lower the price? I'm on the internet a lot, added frustration is not what I'm paying for.

Re: Slow internet at Night
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This is one of the caveats of Residential service. The ISP does not sell the network with guaranteed Quality of Service, but instead sells it as a Best Effort service. What you're seeing is typically a case of Best Effort service, and comes a part of oversubscription of the network.

If you're only seeing slow speeds that night that return back to normal past 12-1AM, go to the Verizon Direct forum over at DSLReports and ask them to move you onto less congested equipment at the CO.