Slowwwwww DSL Speeds!!....ByeBye Verizon, you lost another customer!
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What The Heck! (WTH) I'm paying for a 3mb download/768kb upload and barely getting 1mb UL...

in fact, I tested it lastnight and got .40 DL/.27 UL

Verizon!.....I have been on the phone for the past year about this and all your 3rd world techs (who I can barely understand because they can't speak fluent english) tell me is I am supposed to be getting between 1-3mb download.

WTH!!.......I'm soooo done with you as my ISP. I signed up for the 5mb download plan in Jan. 2010...6 months later after reporting slow speeds, you tell me that the plan doesn't exist and I couldn't have it because I live too far from a switching station....again... Verizon!! I get different answers from different people each time I call!

Your company will continue to lose it's customer base and fail as I expect it to. Bye-Bye Verizon!

Re: Slowwwwww DSL Speeds!!....ByeBye Verizon, you lost another customer!
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Hi dcyphert2192,

I'm really sorry about the experience that you have had with us and the time it has taken to get a response to you.  If you are still having trouble with DSL speeds, I have sent you a PM with a form to fill out so that we can take a look into your issue. Please PM me back when the form is complete and we can begin to take a look into the issue.