So silly!
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Not that long ago I was having difficulty accessing the forums here but I got help from customer service and the issue got resolved.  But still even days after that, I continued getting calls from Verizon asking me to call back because I had reported trouble with this.  Last night I spoke to a rep who told me he would close out the ticket so I won't be called anymore about that.  Then today I got home from work to find 3 voice mail messages all from Verizon still asking me the exact same thing as before, to call back to follow up on the same problem that has already been resolved.  So just now I called and spoke to another rep who was sympathetic about this and who told me that the ticket was barely closed out this morning but that now the ticket has been officially closed out as of 12 noon today.  lol

Gee...isn't it so nice to be cared about with concern like that with the same calls about the same thing that I have said over and over again has already been resolved?  🙂

Update:  Today 10/21/11 I just retrieved 4 voice mail msgs left on my cell phone about the same exact thing, just like another broken record.  I don't know the dates and times of those messages but that's ridiculous.  One call is more than sufficient.

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