Some basic Actiontec GT784WNV router questions

1- Does Verizon offer a better router than this, or is this one the most up-to-date one they offer?

2-  Would buying a "better" router improve my wireless range?

3- are there any types of external antenna's or anything like that to add on?

4- I'm trying to increase my wi-fi signal to a Ring Doorbell camera. The router is already as close as it's going to get and the connection is average at best with much room for improvement. Any ideas on how I can improve this?


Re: Some basic Actiontec GT784WNV router questions
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#1 Unknown but most likely, this is the most up-to-date one they offer.

#2 Unknown, but most likey yes (see question & answer 4).

#3 Unknown but most likely no.


a) Getting a better separate NAT router. By this not a modem combo. By modem combo = modem and router all-in-one.

b) RJ-45 WAN port of the separate NAT router is to be connected to on of LAN ports of the modem combo.

c) Putting that modem combo into bridge mode.

d) Now you may put the separate NAT router way closer then the modem combo can go.