Speed / Connectivity Issues for wifi-connected PS3 since upgrading to the MI424WR


I recently upgraded my router from the old FiOS Router to the MI424WR Rev. I.  I have an original PS3 connected over wifi which worked fine over my old router, but I'm having issues connecting over wifi with the new router.  The PS3 says it's connected with between 97% and 100% signal strength, but the connection is intermittent, and even when it's connected, the download speed is slow and it doesn't maintain the connection for very long.  

From the PS3 side, the speed test often fails even when the test says I'm connected, and when I log in to the router, sometimes the packet test succeeds, and sometimes it fails.

I don't think it's a port issue, since the PS3 shows it's connected as NAT Type 2, and when the connection is working, I have full access to the services and apps that I had prior to upgrading my modem.

I also don't have any wifi connection problems to any of my other wifi devices.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the issue?


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Re: Speed / Connectivity Issues for wifi-connected PS3 since upgrading to the MI424WR
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The problem is your PS3.  I know, because I have one and tried virtually everything to get it's wireless connection to work .

It wouldn't.  Apparently PS3's have a notoriously bad wireless card (or whatever it is) built in to them.  So what I finally did was get the $75 Verizon MOCA Extender.  This is a great device that connectes to your coax cable and provides 2 RJ45 ports along with 5GHz wireless service (double the speed of your router, which is the same one I have.)

The Extender comes with it's own splitter, so you can easily run a coax cable to both the extender and your TV box.  You can try other solutions (like I did), but the only one that works is hard-wiring the PS3.