Speeds vary widely

I have a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, etc. and I live in North VA.  What I have been noticing over the last two months is a wide variance in up and down load speeds on all of these devices.  Today over the last 2 hours I have seen 3.4/12.3, 7.6/16.4 and the last one 10 minutes ago 25.3/19.2???  I am paying for 25/25.

When I talked to the V CS and techs today, they could not get past whether I was hooked up directly or wifi.  I have seen this type of variance different times of days, days of the week, phases of the moon (I verified that I was the only person on my network).

As I tried to explain to V tech was that it seemed like a V problem be it router or server problem.  Has anyone else noticed this (this was happening prior to the storm)?  Could this be solved by getting a new Verizon router?  

Re: Speeds vary widely
Master - Level 3

The reason we ask is because we can't gaurantee connection speeds over Wifi. Once the signal goes airborn, no one has control over it. If you are getting these slow speeds over a hardwired connection then we have the ability to assist. For wireless slowdowns the only advice would be to either relocate the router to a more central location or change the wireless frequency. Please let us know if you need assistance with a hardwired slowdown.