Stated Gigabit Speeds - Tested speeds at work & Home
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I have a question. I recently upgraded to FIOS Gigabit connection. Without fail over two weeks, every day, at different times of the day I would test it. Again - without fail the Verizon speed test to my VZW Quantum router is over 900mbps up and down(interestingly enough even d/c from the ONT). Now from the The router to my device, it is always consistently around 700Mbps slower both up and down.

Now using the exact same device, NIC, & Cat6 cable at work , also utilizing a Verizon connection I get over 900mbps up and down. Being one of the Network Engineers I have tested many times. We have two providers and utilize an SD-WAN connection. If I switch to the other provider, speeds are still in excess of 900mbps. 

I would love for someone to try to explain to me why at home the connection will barely EVER give me over 200Mbps up and down. I have also chatted with Verizon support in circles about something has to be different on my end. The only thing different on my end, is I know I am the only one connected and testing. I'm not streaming a movie while testing or anything. At work, anywhere from 120-150 people will be on the network, and who knows how many videos are being streamed while I am testing. 

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Re: Stated Gigabit Speeds - Tested speeds at work & Home
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Each time you did the test, you tested the wired connection?

If you are talking about wireless, see Why your Wi-Fi is slow