Successful DSL Setup With Westell 6100G and Linksys WRT54G Router
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After a week of searching I finally figured out how to get DSL setup with my Linksys router.

All I could get out of the Westell > Linksys router configuration was DSL downloads limited to less than 0.2 Mbps.   No matter what I did on the router settings that was it.    I had a second eHome router that easily configured and achieved the 1.0 Mbps download speeds so that confirmed Verizon and the Westell modem were not the issue.

So what's wrong with the Linksys router configuration?    I had the Linksys WRT54G router Version 5.   Checking the firmware it was the original release of 1.0.0.   (See your routers instructions which can be downloaded from Linksys for how to check your firmware).   I downloaded the latest firmware version for this router model and version number.    Following the Linksys instructions I flashed the latest firmware 1.02.8.   Now I had an updated modem ready to be configured for DSL.   

Assuming you already followed Verizons instructions to set the Westell modem to bridge mode setup your router to work with it. 

Step 1: Go into the modem typing its address... Default   leave the ID blank and the default password is admin.

Step 2: Go to the Basic > Setup screen.  

Step 3:  Select PPPoE and the screen menus will change

Step 4:  Enter your Verizon ID  (exclude

Step 5:  Enter your Verizon Password.

Step 6:  Go to the bottom of the screen and hit Save.   Wait and the router will indicate it was saved.

That's it.  All you need are the three entries above to get it working.   Turn off the PC, Router and Westell.   Turn on the Westell, then the router and then boot the PC.   It should work at this point.    I now get the full DSL speed for both downloads and uploads.    

The bottom line....check you router, especially the older models for updated firmware before you give up on it.  Smiley Happy

Re: Successful DSL Setup With Westell 6100G and Linksys WRT54G Router
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Glad top see you found a configuration for your Westell and Linksys to function.  Thanks for posting resolution.