Telephone cable with Fios


I have fios, but in my room the Wi-Fi won't reach me because of the house structure. In my room I have a phone cable, but my research tells me that fios requires Ethernet or MoCa. It also tells me that fios will not work with a modem. So if I have a phone jack, and it can't plug into fios, and I can't use a modem to convert it into an Ethernet cord, what do I do? 

Since I have fios, do I HAVE to use a fios router? I have a netgear router. If I buy a modem and use that with netgear, will it project a Wi-Fi signal? 

Re: Telephone cable with Fios

If you use your own router with wifi turned on it should function.

you could get a Verizon network extender which is plug and play and get that signal to other hard to reach areas of your home.

i use a Netgear Nighthawk R8500 high end router which I can obtain a connection on from two houses away.

you cannot use any modems.

Good Luck