Terrible Service: Fios Gigabit is a Complete Fraud
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I've been paying for Fios Gigabit internet for more than three months now, and have NEVER gotten anywhere near gigabit as advertised (and no, not anywhere near the less-than-gig service that Verizon passes off as gig).

I've removed everything from the network. I've restarted the router. I've tested on mornings, evenings, weekends, even the middle of the night when there should be nobody around. Would any of that matter if I was truly receiving internet service over fiber? No, it should not. And the speed test on Verizon's site has you run through twice, then just prompts you to call customer service (who can do nothing, either).

This is a complete waste of money, and has made me regret ever signing up for Verizon Fios in the first place. I've been a VZW customer for more than 15 years, and the terrible service of Fios has me reconsidering even that side of my purchasing. I'm at a loss for words at how frustrating this fraudulent "service" really is.

I'm only attaching speed tests from the end of last month and today -- I've done testing dozens of other times, but today's tests are somehow the highest I've ever gotten. The tests from January are about average for what I usually see in Upper Marlboro, MD.

DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER REQUEST: I need a Verizon employee to contact me, please. Understood that these forums are intended for p2p remediation, but other customers will not be able to correct "service" provided by a company that doesn't even allow you to email customer service anymore. If my residence is truly hooked up for Fios Gigabit -- like I've been paying a RIDICULOUS amount for since November -- then why have I never received anything even close to those speeds?

Re: Terrible Service: Fios Gigabit is a Complete Fraud

You answered your own question. No one here can assist since we are customers.

your speed tests also don’t show yet.

however if you are testing via WiFi you are not testing correctly.

the test must be done on ethernet from a computer laptop or desktop and not over WiFi.

verizon is at 1-800-VERIZON which they may be able to assist you.

if you are unhappy you have other options so you are not held hostage.

try asking Verizon here https://www.dslreports.com/forum/vzdirect

Re: Terrible Service: Fios Gigabit is a Complete Fraud
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I appreciate your quicky reply, but we were both generalizing a bit on this one -- there are employees monitoring these forums, and they can escalate and expedite customer service concerns. I've seen your user tag on multiple threads that end in exactly such a way.

So in the hopes that my post draws the attention of one of these rare Verizon employees who will actually help a customer, I'll try to address your points:

If my speed test pictures are not showing up yet --

27Jan18: 19.46/50.45 and 23.44/35.28

24Feb18: 59.16/53.92 and 58.28/60.61

No, I am not testing via wifi -- I'm hardwired into the router itself with a short (I think 5ft) cable.

I have called Verizon multiple times and have just been told to unplug the router and try again. Not helpful.

"you have other options so you are not held hostage" -- Verizon and Comcast. That's it. Had Comcast at this address already, and was getting my current average test speed for $40/month.  Three months into a contract, I would have to pay a hefty fee to get out of this.. yes, that is very nearly being held hostage and paying ransom.

Good to see another forum maintained to voice customer concerns, but I see you  and many other contributors on forums.verizon directing to dslreports and have to wonder... why wouldn't an ISP interact with its customer base from the company's main page, but will go through a third (unaffiliated?) party?

Re: Terrible Service: Fios Gigabit is a Complete Fraud

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.