Terrible Service

I just wanted to say how disappointed I am with your service and your sales representives misrepresentation.  I ordered your triple play service in August for 74.99 but when I was billed it was 107.99.  When I called Mr. Springs, who was very unhelpful, stated that there was nothing he could do but give me a 10.00 discount every month for 12 months because it was an online order offer only.  But your department was having problems with the online order service and I called the order in.  The representive I talked to stated he would be able to give me the online price since your online service was not working properly.  He also stated he would send me the wireless router for free because it came free for doing an online service.  Not only was I not given the 74.99 rate but since I switched from comcast to verizon I had not been able to use my internet but half of the time and then only if I reboot the modem everyday. This has been a nightmare, the service, the overbilling, and down right frustration.  I'm sorry I everleft comcast and submitted an order to cancel my service with your company. In a day were quality customer service is a must I think your company missed the boat.


Chris Wenner