Triple threat is down - can't get ETA on repair

The Triple Threat (as I call them) are down for me here in Nothern Virginia since 10 AM... no phone, internet and TV.  I can't get an update from Tech Support if this is a network outage or localized; the website is providing no clues and Chat is down. 

I went through the motions with Tech Support this morning of unplugging ONT and battery to no avail.  Service kept dropping every 2 minutes... now it has been down since 11:30.  Tech Support said they would enter a ticket, but I can't find a ticket associated with my account/phone number and the email they sent is the canned generic "Click on this..." kind.

I work from home!  This is a major impact!  I am now stuck in the public library.  Cell minutes and battery are low so that is why I am posting to the Forum.

Anyone else experiencing the same thing?  Or have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance.