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Unable to use internet

Only now am i able to use the internet. For the past 20 minutes i was unable to do anything with the internet. It was working fine then all of a sudden nothing. It took about 6 minutes to load the verizon homepage. By the time i got to the forums and went to post this it started working again. This has been happening about every night. I've contacted verizon support about my slow service about five times already and they always "fix it." They always say they found the problem, they make a ticket, and the next day it's "fixed". Earlier this month i was having internet trouble and called it in, they worked on it and two days later (i wasnt able to use my internet for two days) they called and said it was "fixed." Well here we are a few weeks later and im having the same problem again. I'm paying for the 1.1 Mbs package now because i was paying for the 5-7 Mbs package and when the internet problems began earlier this summer, a repairman told me that the cables we have werent even able to handle that much data. Though verizon told us our area was eligable for it, it turned out it really wasnt. So we downgraded but the internet problems have gotten worse and worse. At the moment my download speed averages around 100 Kbs. I am unable to watch vidoes or stream videos without insanely long buffer times and if more than two people try to use the internet at the same time, forget about it. I've been a customer for a long time and I'm sorely tempted to change ISPs. Is there anything I can do on my end to make the internet faster or is it all up to Verizon?

Re: Unable to use internet
Super User
Super User

1Mbps is a useless speed for anything other than checking e-mail or doing some surfing. Video streaming won't be ideal.

SInce you're having some line problems, let's get some info here that will help. First, are these issues occurring only during the evening hours, or are they at all time of the day and night? Have the PCs been checked for any software like P2P software that might be running in the background consuming bandwidth? Lastly, what do your modem Transceiver Statistics look like?

For the last part, if you need help getting that information please let us know what modem model you use.