Using Airport Extreme as a FIOS Router?

Is anyone successfully using an Apple Airport Extreme as a FIOS router? If so, I'd really appreciate your help.

I currently use an aging Linksys router with my FIOS service (I swapped out the Verizon-supplied ActionTec sometime ago). I am now looking to replace the Linksys with my new Airport.

Easy I thought - simply copy all the settings across and it'll work just fine. No such luck.

Here's my situation:

- I have ethernet coming out of the wall., not coax.

- I do *not* have the ActionTec router anymore (nor should I need it, right?)

- I do not use FIOS TV

- I do not use PPPoE

Someone told me I may have to contact FIOS to "renew my IP lease" - what is this all about? Can someone advise before I spend four hours on hold for Verizon tech support...

(Also, I don't recall having to do this when I replaced the Actiontec with my Linksys - a process which went *very* smoothly)

If someone has the FIOS/Airport combination working, I'd love some step by step instructions!

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Re: Using Airport Extreme as a FIOS Router?
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If your new equipment is setup for dynamic, they probably just have to break the dhcp lease in their systems.  Sometimes this has to be done on the network end, sometimes it doesn't.  All depends on the timing.

Re: Using Airport Extreme as a FIOS Router?
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I'm not sure what you mean by ".. copy all the settings accross.." but, you shouldn't copy anything.  Your ISP assigns your IP address to your router and your router assigns your IP addresses to the devices connecting to it.  SO, when swapping out the router, -doesn't really matter what manufacturer its from, if your router is set-up to receive that IP address from your ISP, and to assign your internal IP addresses, it should work fine.

If you have copied ".. all the settings accross.."  you probably should reset the router to its default settings and retry.        

If you think you need to have the DHCP lease broken\reset and you don't want to call in to tech support, you can do it yourself by unplugging your battery back up unit from the electricity and then opening the battery case and disconnecting the battery terminals for about 3 mnutes, then reconnecting the battery terminal before plugging it back in, then plug it back in to the electricity. 

of course, if you are not using DHCP internally (you have to be using dhcp to receive your routers ip address from the ISP, unless you have a business account) you would need to set the router to receive its' IP address from the ISP, then input the static IP addresses for your internel network.  easy!