VZ Fios CSR Lied to Me.

I am a verizon double play (internet+TV) customer for almost 2 years. All that time i have used Internet only, i never connected to the cable box until recently.

On March 26, 2018 i called VZ to find out how much will cost me for VZ to send a technician at my home to install coaxial cable in my basement (first floor and 2nd floor have cable ready but i wanted to watch tv in baseemnt where no cable installed at that time). The CSR told me there is a one time fee for a technician to come to my house and also there is a one time fee to install cable in my basement (from the first floor). She said technician fee is $70 and one time installation fee is $100. Grand total of $170.00. I asked her if she can waived the fee as i am a long term customer. She gave a paused and come back to tell me that she can waive the installation fee of $100.00 but i have to pay the $70.00 technician fee. She further said that initially they will be break down the bill (70+100) to next two bills. However, In order for me to recieve the credit of 100 dollars i have call once i recieve the bill then they will give me $50.00 credit. Then again i have to wait for the next bill and once i have the bill i should call them then they will give final $50 dollars credit. I agreed. Techinician came and cable installed. Watching TV, happy customer.

Today, i called them for first  $50 credit as i have recieved the first month of bill after the installation. First the CSR and then the supervison told me that the person who took the order and promised the Credit of $100 did not put any such note.

I requested the Customer service manager to review the audio to find out who is lying but he said he cannot review the audio but will speak CSR's manager. However, he insisted that i must pay the fee of (70+100).

I feel like i have cheated.  It's not about the $100. It's about the principles.

Therefore, I have only the following options: 1. email their VZ chairman/CEO (indeed)/Twitter etc. and other leadership.

Dear reader or VZ, Can you suggest me what is my best option here.

Unhappy VZ customer (but happy with the products)

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Re: VZ Fios CSR Lied to Me.

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.