Verizon DSL - Almost no speed internet

Up until about two weeks ago I was on a 1.2 Mbps plan (we had a very old contract that was just recently upgraded AFTER ONE YEAR from which everyone else was who was on this type of contract). We were told they would give up 7 Mbps but we only got 5. However, my main issue is since the upgrade our internet hasn't improved much (and if it is it isn't for too long). 

My phone line is securely connected to the router ( a D-Link model DSL-2750B provided by Verizon ). I live in Pennsylvania in the Lehigh Valley area (for what that is worth) I was on the phone with Verizon technical support yesterday and after checking my phone line connection, the connection to my router and whether any major outages in my area were present had essentially no answer to why my internet was performing the way it was. 

For the past few days I would routinely run speed checks (through my Playstation 4) to test my internet speed before online gaming or streaming content on it. At first I would usually get 3.6 Mbps to 4.8 Mbps (download) and approximately 600 Kbps upload. Now the variance is so dramatic that in a 30 seciond period of time it goes from 3.6 Mbps to as low as *60 Kbps* which is too weak of a connection for me to do anything. Infact I had a difficult time getting to this forum to create this post. My PS4 is connected via ethernet cable (to get the most out of our limited connection). 

I expect that there are variances with internet service, nothings perfect but holy mackrel! I have been unable to do much of anything on my PS4 (particularly stream on it, my most important and bandwith consuming use). Why is this happening and what can I do about it (financially upgrading to a better plan isnt feasable, and apparently 7 Mbps is tops in my area)?? My household have been loyal customers of Verizon for a solid 8 years (probably more) and we still get the run around on customer service and technical answers. 

Even when I do get the full 4.8 Mbps when my mother goes on her laptop to do some research my streaming slows down significantly which shouldn't happen according to technical support. 

Any information on why there is such a heavy variance in a short time, and how to prevent / fix this would be much appreciated and/or feedback on Verizon DSL as a whole to consider a switch to another company. 

Re: Verizon DSL - Almost no speed internet
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Sounds like a congestion issue.  You'll honestly have more luck if you register at and post in the Verizon DSL forum there. (I'm also from the LV by the way!)